12 modern decorating styles of living

If you are in search of options and modern styles of decoration living today we introduce a small collection of 12 different ways to decorate the receiving area of ??your home. One of the main elements that we consider is the main color of our space, it depends on the color of the furniture and other decorative elements that will take part in the space looking decorate.

Whether we use light colors or means always a good natural light will be much more important if the walls and furniture are in dark colors like brown or black, usually is the place where the family gathers and can add one, the bigger the better television screen but remember that the bigger the costs are higher, so that we can use a wooden screen behind the TV to contrast the two.

Furniture can be modular or common, all depends on the space that you have available to place, you can also use a table in the center or around these, you can also use high lamps to help improve lighting and contrast with any modern styles of decoration living today, I hope that these references may be of use.

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