Monthly: December 2016

How to Buy an Area Rug for Your Home

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With so many choices in the types of area rugs that one can buy, how can you decide which one will work best for you? If you need help choosing, the ideas in this article will help you make the right decision when choosing a rug for the home. There is something that you will

Saving Money With A Carpet Washer

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If you own a carpet washer do you still need a vacuum cleaner? It’s a good question the answer to which is – yes you do. Whilst they may look quite similar, vacuum cleaners and carpet washers both use different methods of cleaning your carpets. Vacuum cleaners rely on suction to remove loose dirt and dust from

As distribute a living room

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In this article we will see how to distribute a living room properly, to save space, improve the livability and above all, that is comfortable to live daily. One of the main ideas to distribute a house properly should start with the living room, a space where we spent many hours, so must conform to

Trends in sofas 2016

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The trends in 2016 sofas come loaded with new features and where the colors and fabrics are updated with interesting proposals to improve our comfort. Leather sofas , with modular kitchen angular, chester or chaise longue cornerbacks will be the trend next year. Trends in sofas 2016 If you have to renew your couch for next

Luxurious contemporary Penthouse

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Design Group have been responsible for combining warm wood and modern art with orange to create a bold scheme, a contemporary setting for this Penthouse 3000 square meters located in a period building in Kensington, a neighborhood center London, England, UK. We were asked to develop something contemporary in a period building, which is what