As distribute a living room

In this article we will see how to distribute a living room properly, to save space, improve the livability and above all, that is comfortable to live daily.

One of the main ideas to distribute a house properly should start with the living room, a space where we spent many hours, so must conform to our lifestyle and our decorating tastes.

Today we will give some ideas for a good distribution of our living room. Currently, more and more small floors and it has forced what were once two distinct to unite them in a single term, and therefore have to our ingenuity so we can have two different environments in one place.

The first thing we have to do when making the distribution of a living room is to think that kind of room we have to consistently distribute furniture. For example, it is very important to consider the shape of the room, it is not the same one that rectangular one, nor two are square square room, but one has the access door in the middle of one side and the other it has on one side near one of the corners.

Being clear room type and shape, a basic rule is always placed at different ends what would be the dining table and on the other the living room. The room should be as close as possible to the area with more natural light, it invites conversation in case of visitation and be the area where we will be more, energy consumption when using natural light is reduced.

In the dining area, it is more advisable depending on the type of room, the table is of the same form, ie, in square dining table square and rectangular dining, rectangular table. Eye, it is very important to measure well-traffic areas, both the dining room and access to the room.

Theirs is to leave about 90 cm. free way to access it. In the dining room, apart from the table and chairs, a sideboard is good place to have on hand appliances, dishes and other products that we use, which is of large capacity we facilitate tasks.

For the living room, we have said before it is the area with more light, but we must be clear that the sofas that we will place, let us open your windows, be careful with this detail. Placing them, we only have two options, depending on the shape of the room and the size of it. the two options are, facing each other, so that encourages conversation, as we said L depending on the size and shape of the room.

To separate areas in a living room, we have several options. Starting the colors are different in atmosphere and another, always without too garish color, not to produce visual stress, but for example the dining area in red tones and lounge in a pastel tone derived from red.

Another way to separate areas in a living room, would be with different soils, being the simplest way, in the lounge area, place a large rug to match the upholstery of the chairs, which delimits already if two different zones.

We do not recommend separated by screens or other means, since you reduce the light dining. If bottomless shelves can be used to separate a bit both areas, but it already depends on the room itself. With these simple steps, we can have two different areas in one room.

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