Beautiful private residence in Sydney

Heritage is a beautiful private residence in Sydney, these apartments form part of an eight-story building and have three blocks of stone-lined contemporary lamas, joined by two dark glass slots. The success of this project is to bring the two scales and contrasting styles together in a subtle way, without jarring contradiction.

The new building consists of 24 apartments, most of which are spacious 3 bedrooms and two living areas. These apartments are spread through the building to access the light from both sides and enjoy cross ventilation. This has been created by splitting a nucleus into two; shared by the other two apartments and direct access to the apartment to the north, where the elevator opens right into the lobby of the apartment nucleus. This creates very private and comfortable house, with living room, kitchen and master bedrooms on the east side, overlooking Neutral Bay, Sydney Harbour, and the living room and bedrooms on the west side, looking back to north of Sydney.

These apartments have a core at the center, bathrooms of the house, toilet, laundry and kitchen / pantry. There are also a lot of brick walls and wall units. Under the plan, the building has a two-level garage which is accessed via two lifts hire. The top of the building features a roof garden and BBQ area accessible with spectacular views of the city.

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