Chester sofas style home decor

The Chester sofas are a type of home furniture that no doubt has become a classic upholstered furniture. This specific style of furniture was first manufactured in the mid-seventeenth century, at least at that time, and partly you could say that today are reserved for exclusive furniture and places for people of a certain purchasing power, which is why They fall into the category of furniture design course in specific cases but not in general.

Besides the name of this type of furniture comes from a specific request that I get to make several centuries ago the Earl of Chesterfield came to commission a cabinetmaker which elegance beyond that already implied what he wanted was what the Earl said he had to have the cabinet can we be comfortable without having to stand in uncomfortable positions later ?.

That is why in this type of furniture you can see a person just to mention an example with a smart dress sitting without leaving your back straight, armrests also always seem to have this height precisely to fulfill this function and as all these elements that have come to form a specific function to fulfill towards the community of whatever user.

Finally we have to mention that the chester sofa highlighted by a detail that was built from the early models and it is these iconic buttons along the same, except for the armrests to clear this can reach without this element, at least in many cases. These buttons give rise to known quilting style, a padded upholstery that has a fluffy appearance with geometrically distributed buttons and giving you that look so distinctive.

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