Creating an adjoining room with glass curtains

On several occasions we usually get away a little of the various elements relating to the decor but it is almost always to migrate to the issue of reforms but in this case we would speak of a milder than just mentioned this issue and create a room Attached with glass curtains and the installation a specific ceilings which is well suited to this type of household annexes which makes we deepen on the subject.

The first thing to mention regarding glass shades which are guaranteed for quality and other factors thanks to which have been fully developed and patented by specialists Alucritec factory, using for this the best materials and manufacturing processes the which they are designed to resist all those forces of nature to be a type of building which is in most cases in the open.

Besides this type of enclosures they offer the advantage of being installed in virtually any environment, location, etcetera. One of the highlights of this type of glass closures is the fact that do not have aluminum bumpers or any other material which makes the view through them are the best you can have in your type, but neither should we ignore the fact that always seem to be resistant to its minimum thickness that never decreases ten millimeters.

Finally we would like to talk about the roofs developed by the same people Alucritec which can become of different materials that are better aligned with the needs of each client and as we mentioned at the beginning of the note adapt very While glass closures.

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