Dark walls for halloween

This is not any kind of dazzling discovery or a new decorative trend. Rather , it is a no – brainer. Halloween wears dark colors, embodied in the main walls of the property.

The black is par excellence, the select to represent the shadows tone, dark and gloomy environments. However, combined with bright colors can be very sophisticated.

The dark accents have survived negative beliefs about reducing spaces, principles of claustrophobia and many other concepts contrary to pre painted the walls with very dark colors.

Considering the proximity with the celebrations of Halloween decorating with black is a recurring and if is considering painting the house, is a really very respectable choice.

Unlike what was estimated, the dark walls are ideal to contrast with striking furniture, artwork and all kinds of decorative elements that have special virtues. A colorful furniture undoubtedly highlighted much more in an environment with black background.

Returning to the close link with Halloween, the combination of black with orange represents the identity of the festival. The orange symbolizes energy, vitality and unleashes emotions at high frequencies. It is an innate stimulant.

Contrasting achieved both scenarios represent intense, full of tragic energy; besides being very beautiful offered jointly to be appreciated by the human eye.

If you want to establish a cheerful, fun and less drastic setting of Halloween it is advisable to use orange as a base color, applying curtains, decorations and other accessories in black.

To generate a scarier space, invert the colors and incorporate subtle touches of red, representing blood, it is more than enough. The mystery of the dark rooms and highlighted details in bright colors make up an explosive thriller combo, ideal to live a different Halloween.

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