Decorate open spaces

Decorate open spaces. One of the homes that most headaches often bring when decorating, are houses with large open spaces, such as the current “lofts”, we will give a series of tricks tips and ideas to decorate open spaces.

The bottom line is always to be clear about what our tastes and decorating style we want to make, because the main thing is that we go to feel comfortable, decorate the house for us, not for others.

To decorate open spaces, they will not be missing large pieces of furniture, as one of the negatives of these is that we are going to take a lot of light, a key point when choosing a home for their large spaces. If we can large furniture, they will remove light and obstruct vision, which does not fit with our idea.

To begin, we need to be clear that we have space, if a house where there are no walls or just a large shared kitchen and dining space.

If it is the former, it is very easy to create different environments without much effort, later give you some ideas for it. To decorate open spaces, as in any type of housing, there is a basic standard, and light colors will us give greater feeling of spaciousness, and the dark, feeling smaller, so we can play with them, give the impression that we want to bring to our house, making it darker or clear the environment according to our intentions.

To decorate large open spaces throughout the house, we have several ideas. To begin with, the union of objects of the same style or color, although there is no physical separation, and creates a compact visual separation. For example, an area with a large sofa in blue tones with a carpet in similar tones, and is an area itself, if we also add a bookshelf next to the couch, and makes clear that it is a relaxation area.

Other ways to separate rooms to open spaces when decorating is to use screens, ys that can be found in different finishes and different colors textile so doing, false walls that can move at will. There is also fabric panels that can put on the roof and can be rolled up or drop as a false walls, according to the need of the moment.

Other furniture that he can get much game, are the shelves that we can find different heights and open on both sides, so a petite bookshelf can make us small side table beside the sofa. If we place great, but open on both sides, we can make small wall to separate a visual space of another without losing light. In addition to being open, we avoid the back break us decoration or we have to place it next to a wall.

To decorate diaphanous kitchens, especially in houses the kitchen and dining room are united, we must be clear that one of the fundamentals is the table, good cooking, fine dining. Therefore the islands are increasingly fashionable, allowing you to have a table for the kitchen to store things, to leave things to extend the countertop and make lunch or breakfast comfortingly familiar.

If it is not in favor of the island, a good idea, we will also serve to divide this large area, is set the table in the center and the right sofa across from the kitchen, it created three environments, kitchen, dining room and relaxation area.

If the house is as open as they like Americans, with the room even in sight, and do not want to lose light but if you have more privacy, one of the best ideas for decorating a diaphanous space, is to place tinted crystals, which It allows you to continue to enjoy the light and in turn gives you the necessary privacy.

We hope these ideas as you decorate open spaces are helpful and as usual, then we leave a series of images for your inspiration and photographs.

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