Decoration living room

The decor of the living room in the house should always be a starting point as it usually is adjacent to the dining room, the kitchen, living room or library, we will always want to differentiate this space from the rest of the house, so it is that to decorate and make it special from other spaces, today we give you some ideas that will be useful to be fabulous.

The first thing to do is be clear on where to locate your couch and get the most out of your space. You can place it against a wall, either against it or in a corner. If you have multiple furniture, place them in parallel, facing front and center, a coffee table and if your like a carpet. It may be small, you can place at the foot of each piece of furniture or a large bright colors and unique design to separate the environment from the rest of the house.

Decoration living room

Choose a focal point for the room. It can be a fireplace, a huge picture, a TV with multiple shelves or library. Complements the area with lamps, plants, pictures and mirrors on the walls. The important thing is to maintain a balance by placing items needed, not the decor excediéndote not finish overwhelmed with so many things that accumulate dust and filling and incidentally, leaving cumbersome and little room to move. If you do not want an object as a focal point, you can paint with a strong color to the far wall and highlight the room with a large table or shelves where you can place your most precious objects and give warmth to the atmosphere.

Every detail will bring class, elegance and style to the decor of the living room of your home, so you can meet with your family and friends and spend pleasant moments in a warm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

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