Electric Fireplaces Keep Your Home Warm Without the Harmful Smoke

A fireplace is the best way to keep warm on chilly evenings. On top of heating your home, it does a magnificent job of making any room more beautiful and setting the mood for a little romance. The real thing might cost you an arm and a leg, though, but you can settle for electric fireplaces which look like the genuine article and work the same way.

Electric fireplaces come in an array of shapes and sizes, and most are designed to physically and aesthetically fit any room in today’s homes. There are several features that make these elegant hearths endearing, including the fact that they don’t require chimneys to function and that virtually anyone can install them. Sounds like an interesting homegrown project.

Remember that a hearth isn’t complete without fireplace mantel surrounds. These ready-to-install mantels offer the best approach to personalizing electric fireplaces or making them seem like a natural part of your house. A few models, particularly those made of wood, come with either shelves or cabinets which add not only elegance to your home but functionality as well.

Should you fancy an electric fireplace that looks like a traditional hearth, try outfitting it with stone fireplace surrounds. These mantel kits, which are made of different types of stone like gypsum and marble, come in a variety of designs that fit the interior layout of most modern homes.

Electric fireplaces are portable. If you aren’t satisfied with its position in a room, you can move it up against another wall or to a different room. This type of hearth has another trick up their sleeve. The heat and brightness of the flame an electric fireplace generates can be adjusted via either a control panel located on the hearth or remote control.

Electric fireplaces are not difficult to care for, thanks to their environment-friendly nature. These hearths don’t give off smoke or soot, making cleaning them a piece of cake. All you need is a moist fabric to wipe down all external surfaces. Actually, the only thing you need to worry about is changing the bulbs at least every other month.

Portable fireplaces are the perfect additions to your home during the chilly months. They don’t only maintain warmth but also give the house an aesthetic lift with myriad designs and finishes. With the addition of fireplace mantel surrounds, the hearths become mirror images of traditional wood burners. If wood mantels don’t appeal to you, try outfitting the hearths with stone fireplace surrounds.

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