Electric Fireplaces Without Traditional Fireplace Emission Problems

There’s nothing quite like conversing with your family over hot cups of cocoa in front of a crackling electric portable fireplace during cold winter nights. However, traditional wood and gas burning fireplaces could be a bit difficult to maintain. Aside from the emission problems they posit, obstacles in installation and design as well as the health and safety hazards they hold, the satisfaction they provide could be undermined by the drawbacks they present. Due to these, more and more homeowners are looking for heat efficient, safe, convenient and design and installation flexible alternatives for wood and gas burning fireplaces, and this is when an indoor electric fireplace enters the picture.

Electric fireplaces are alternative-fuel fireplace options that have no emission and installation issues. They are electric heaters that provide the same heat as that of traditional wood and gas burning fireplaces, but without any flames. They are designed to simulate the look, feel and sound of real fire without producing any emissions that require cleaning after use. The realism of these fire features come from the hand-crafted wood logs that create visually-real embers and ashes, while the colored lights and gentle crackling reinforce that authenticity of fireside atmosphere.

Electric fireplaces are usually portable in structure. Depending on the size of the unit, electric powered fireplaces could be moved from one room to another; hence, they complement well with any decorative schemes used in apartments, condos and other residential and commercial spaces that could not accommodate traditionally large fireplaces. They are generally zero clearance in design, which means they could be directly installed against standard building materials like wood without the need for additional fireproofing; they also do not require ventilation, which allow them to complement plans where traditional fireplaces are not suitable. If used carefully, it could be the perfect alternative for traditional wood and gas burning fireplace without incurring any additional costs.

Similar to other furnishings and fire fixtures, electric powered fireplaces come in a whole range of types, designs and sizes. Some are free-standing that are metal or ceramic in finish, while others could take the form of traditional wood burning stoves that could be utilized for outdoor use. The benefits of zero clearance tolerances also allow the creation of electric powered fireplaces that are either compact or simple, or elaborate and elegant works of art. It is also possible to find these forms of electric fireplace features that duplicate the exact appearance of traditional wood or gas burning fireplaces, complete with fireplace mantels surrounds.

Depending on the space and budget outlay of homeowners, they could own electric powered fireplaces that have accessories as elaborate as that of traditional fireplaces. Fireplace mantels surrounds usually included in traditional fireplaces are also available in electric powered fireplaces and could be made using materials ranging from wood, natural stones and metals. Even though these fire features do not have real logs and emissions, some models are accessorized with protective screens and fire pokers. Other notable features included in these fireplaces are thermostat, air filters, remote control and fans.

In buying electric fireplaces, always look at the purposes that you have in mind. If you would be using them as the main sources of heat for your home, take larger units to suffice to your needs but also expect higher cost of electricity bills. But, if they would only be used for decorative purposes, you could always settle for smaller models. Nonetheless, it would also be necessary to consult a professional electrician first before you make your purchase so as to make sure that your electric outlets are capable of powering these fire features to avoid their associated risks.

Electric fireplaces could provide the realism and ambiance of traditional wood or gas burning fireplaces with little installation and maintenance requirements. Every indoor electric fireplace unit is generally zero clearance, which means it could be installed even in wood framing. Electric powered fireplaces come in various types and finish. Some are free standing and comes with the same features as that of traditional fireplaces like fireplace mantels surrounds, while others are more compact and equipped with thermostat and air filters.

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