Fireplace Surround and the Design Possibilities

The fireplace is usually sought after a long, cold, and hard day in the winter. It is also where families reunite during the holidays to celebrate new accomplishments and old memories. The electric fireplace is the perfect area to gather around for any relaxing or joyful occasion. This important function should be complemented with the right fireplace surround design. With the design tips from this article, you’ll have the perfect new design or renovation for your fireplace surround.

Your budget should be the first consideration before deciding on your fireplace surround design. First decide how often you’ll be using the fireplace and how much can be spent for the mantel and surround design. If you’re opting for a strong and established look, then a stone surround would be a perfect addition to your home.

Rustic limestone mantels are perfect for homes with modern furniture and architecture. Coming in a number styles and colors, you can choose any lime stone mantel for all sorts of room design themes. If your house is styled with European based architecture, a deco marble fireplace surround would be the right addition to your home. With a glass mantle included into the marble design, a sleek and simply clean look can complement the rest of your furniture. Winter vacation homes can match their log cabin styles with a custom designed fieldstone fireplace mantel.

For those who want to add their own unique spin to their fireplace surround design, glass mosaic tiles are the perfect materials to use. You can form these tiles into any kind of pattern or a whole picture. There’s a wide range of artistic possibilities that can be done with your imagination. These tiles can be designed around any kind of fireplace””from flame electric fireplaces to parts of electric fireplace mantels.

Wood fireplace mantels and surrounds can achieve a cozy feel with your fireplace. You’ll never run out of wood materials, as they range from maple, pine, cherry, to oak. European wood designs are recommended for those hoping to have smooth and clean lines along their fireplace. Strong accents from dark colored wood can be balanced with travertine stone tiles.

The ideal fireplace design to add comfort to your home is easily achievable. With the wide range of design and material options, there are more than enough choices of fireplace surrounds to suit all kinds of homes.

Electric fireplaces are one of the most comforting parts in any home, so it’s important to have the right fireplace surround design. Stone mantels, glass mosaic tiles, and wooden surrounds are available to achieve different looks. Limestone mantels give a sleek look while mosaic tiles can be arranged into different designs to match electric fireplace mantels or a flame electric fireplace. Wooden mantels’ colors can be balanced with different stone tiles.

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