Halloween crafts with recycled material

Making Halloween crafts with recycled material  can be very easy and inexpensive and above all very entertaining with the following craft ideas for children . In this article, we will give you several ideas fordecorating the house for Halloween, but also most of the ideas are very simple, but we will separate theminto two groups, ideas for the house in general and ideas for dinners or visits.

Halloween crafts with recycled material

To decorate Halloween recycling , nothing better than start with simple things. One of the most typicalHalloween crafts to decorate are balloons. Grab some white or orange balloons and a permanent marker.Pinta eyes and mouths terrifying balloons and we have ghosts and pumpkins. One of the  crafts to do with kids in halloween quick and easy and will love them.

Another very simple thing, are cobwebs to decorate Halloween crafts . Take cotton thread, glue and balloons.They swell balloons and wrapped with yarn impregnated with glue cotton. When dry, we punctured the balloon and have a round spiderweb hanging from the ceiling. If you also wear a black plastic spider will have a more terrifying aspect. These  crafts halloween to do at home are very economical and can make the smallest of the house.

Webs can be manufactured with black garbage bags, cutting as if papiroflexia but with plastic, but these are a little more complicated to make, but if you dare, go ahead.

Halloween crafts for kids

To give a more gloomy aspect to our home in our Halloween decoration , we need to illuminate with candles.Within easy Halloween crafts to do  it is is the easiest and most economical. Enter candles in glass jars and cover them with bandages these, painting both eyes with a pen to the bandage or gauze and already have a little ghost. To give a grim look at the candles, white candles and we will take them several nails nailed, then with a red candle wax and drops we drop this on white. It will give the appearance that they are bleeding.

To decorate the house for Halloween , nothing more important than a good start, we will put a witch in the house entrance. We catch sock stockings winter, if possible with black and green or red and white stripes. We introduce into papers to fill stockings or fritter pool and heeled shoes of old. We will put the stockings on the doormat entrance or in the lobby next to a cabinet, so that the appearance of the witch is under the doormat or that has fallen over the furniture.

One of the crafts for Halloween recycled material  is to ghosts. We need a thin gauze or cloth, a bottle, a small ball and wire. We form the structure of the ghost with the bottle like body, head and ball as wire like arms.We dropped over the thin cloth and sprayed with liquid starch. Let it dry and the cloth will keep the form without needing anything underneath. We add paper black eyes and we have our ghost.

Other ghosts to decorate the house for Halloween , to adorn the walls are easy to make. We catch the Christmas tree lights and each light above introduced in a plastic cup. Then we add eyes with glass beads or painted with black marker and have a whole row of ghosts, who also have light inside.

If we want to decorate with pumpkins on Halloween , a simple trick is to catch small pumpkins and empty them . But instead of complicate shape with the knife, simply we make a hole and put in the mouth of vampire teeth of the bazaars, as eyes, two needles thick head if possible in red. You will have a more gloomy aspect. As you can see there are plenty of  easy Halloween crafts for kids , but be careful and be with them especially when working with scissors or knives.

Another Halloween crafts for kids easy  is to use glass jars we emptied, painted them orange or white with oil paint and then the eyes and mouth with permanent marker. Then we can put in candy. It’s simple to make and very decorative and a way to decorate the house for Halloween recycling

Easy Halloween Crafts

A product that goes a long way for its resemblance to the brain, is the cabbage. We’ll use a large glass bowl and introduce cabbage. Inside the container we will have prepared the vinaigrette aside to preserve cabbage, we serve later to enjoy a cabbage vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is already a recipe that everyone uses he likes. We will have a brain in formalin as decoration.

If we have guests, we will see how to make simple decor in Halloweeen . To begin with , something as simple as vampire dentures bazaars, as napkin rings. Then, especially if there are children, we can use them and entertain them with this. For drinks, nothing better than average large open and emptied pumpkin cubes to make drinks there. We can always use insect plastic cubes to give that touch of Halloween.

An easy dessert for Halloween , pumpkins and ghosts is performed with fruit. For ghosts, we will use open bananas and cut in half and put them chocolate drops for eyes and mouths. For pumpkins, we can use peeled tangerines and some celery can give the finish to look like the stem. In the next picture you can see how itwould be.

To finish the decoration for Halloween our guests, we serve some shots, always a red drink (Bloody Mary, Shirley Temple or if you prefer something softer a simple bitters). We serve in syringes and in small glasses. We will have a few shots of blood in syringes.

Hopefully with these simple tricks, we can decorate Halloween recycling or crafts, you just have to cheer, sure that more will be hosting succeed and the house that everyone will want to visit. As always, we leave a series of images and pictures of Halloween crafts with recycled material that might give you some inspiration.

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