How to decorate the dining room on Halloween

Today we will see how to decorate the dining room on Halloween , and more specifically, how to decorate the table for Halloween , so elegant and simple. The walls and other parts of the room, and we usually have something saved for it, but with these two forms, we will have a very elegant and well decorated table if we are to receive a visit.

To decorate the dining room on Halloween , first, we usually always decorate the walls with figures of ghosts or witches, a bat, and as spider webs hanging from the ceiling. But in this article, we will give you two ideas to decorate the table in particular, very elegant.

Once the Halloween decorations in the dining room , for which we give some ideas, our idea with this article is to make a decoration elegant and sophisticated, simple and effective table for our visit was impressed by our good work and children enjoy this special time each day has more followers.

To decorate the table on Halloween , the first of the advice, we will need, a white tablecloth, white dishes, black construction paper and gourds. Pumpkins the ‘ll paint in black to stand out on the white background of the table. We also recommend some gold piece, since three colors are in vogue.

The combination of white, black and gold, is a very elegant decor and that we can use to decorate our table on Halloween . With cardboard, small bats do about 3 or 4 centimeters and will cut. These small bats are a Halloween decoration for children and that they can do, we’ll put between the prongs of the pitchfork, to give the grim-festive look we want.

Black pumpkins, of course in the center of the table. We recommend to put some candelabra candles, as in gold. Later we can use to decorate another corner of the house. Change can put some golden object, if we, as acenterpiece, with one of the above pumpkins or some detail of Halloween , to make us own center party table.

With these steps, we will have a table with the top three elegant colors of the moment. But let’s look at another way to decorate the dining room on Halloween and more enconcreto the table. This we will discuss, is a very elegant way since it is based on natural elements.

We need a black or slate-colored tablecloth. The dishes, we will use a white. We will need pine cones, small pumpkins, wood chips or small chunks. With all these, we will have a centerpiece for Halloween on the tablecloth elongated. The end result is a center of very elegant and beautiful table.

We can add to this set to decorate the table on Halloween , wooden candlesticks, matching the natural materials centerpiece. So get the dim light requires the occasion with a matching basis with the rest of the table.

We hope that with these two simple but elegant and sophisticated ideas, Terriffic you to enjoy a rewarding evening. Sure your guests a very dissappointed take for your choice to decorate the table on Halloween . In a previous article we saw some decorating ideas for Halloween which you can inspire.

As always then we leave a series of images of ideas and photographs  decoration halloween tables  to help you surprise the smallest of the house.

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