How to decorate the kitchen at Halloween

In this article, we will see how to decorate the kitchen at Halloween . Yes, the kitchen. Many certainly have not thought of this space, instead of our house in without realizing spent many hours and not let in and out. A place where children may also participate by making their own crafts.

The kitchen is a key site of a house, whether small or large with table and where the family gathers for lunch or dinner, And why are not going to decorate ?. Well, let ‘s look at some ideas for decorating a kitchen on Halloween that certainly the smallest of the house love.

A very simple and yet very grim thing, we usually look for when decorating for Halloween , is put candles. The can make us or if we have time, buy them in costume shops. Find candles and prepare for the occasion, for different reasons, like drops of blood, insects, etc.

Other than to acclimate the kitchen at Halloween , once we no longer have natural light, if we distribute a few candles, we can turn off the kitchen light and stay lit only with candles. If we’re going to have guests, it will be a success this idea so dark.

Of course, to decorate the kitchen for Halloween , you can not miss the cobwebs. We can manufacture with the simple tricks or buy them in stores that sell products for jokes. Well hung from the ceiling or walls, it is something that can never miss. In the cupboard handles, we can put rubber spiders or other insects to a more gloomy. If furthermore it is accompanied by some small spider web better. Finally, we can not forget the tablecloth or tea towels for a  Halloween decoration .

Another piece we can use to decorate the kitchen at Halloween , witch hats are. At costume stores we can find, made ??of paper. The can hang from the ceiling and even if we have a table as a centerpiece. A “witch” look in the kitchen does not hurt. As in Halloween, speaking of the kitchen, you can not miss the cookies with shapes of skulls or bat or ghost. If we do, we can leave some on the top step so we can decorate and paste a snack if we want.

In Halloween decoration , they can not fail pumpkins. But we recommend putting a few small, candle inside to increase the room with candles that we mentioned earlier. If , however, we already have many candles and have no time to prepare pumpkins, we can buy plastic. Also we can do with fruit, with or peeled tangerines, some kits as Christmas tree lights but with little pumpkins are sold.

We can buy some tablecloths with patterns or even some white with red drops in imitation blood. Another thing we can do ourselves, to decorate the kitchen at Halloween , with children as the tempera paintings, is to spot some  cloths to place them strategically. We spotted hands with this painting in red and rely on cloths. So we have a bloodstained hands on the cloth, giving a terrifying aspect. Then you just have to wash them in the washing machine or by hand, he is cleaned  easily.

We hope that you put these tips and ideas for decorating the kitchen at Halloween . A frighteningly fun night, especially for children. In previous articles we saw a number of decorating ideas for Halloween  and c omo Halloween decorating the dining room  which may be of interest.

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