Luxury apartment in Warsaw, Poland

This luxury apartment is contrasted with the clouds from its wall of glass in one of the skyscrapers in Warsaw with a breathtaking view of Praga district. Exclusive location, sublime taste of its owners and perfect realization carried out with great care for detail. They were carefully selected each of the items of furniture, articles of taste, both in form, color scheme and texture complete the space kept in a modern style, a bit casual and skillfully woven into the reminiscences disposal the culture of the Far East.

Most of the items of furniture were created according to individual designs commissioned study of this project. The main hall is dominated by a mirrored wall with an engraved geometric design. This wall is not only a decorative element of the room but also corrects its proportions. The bedroom of this luxury apartment is a room with an atmosphere saturated land cherry blossom. A painting in the head on which is placed a corresponding frame to the mirror in the living room.

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