Modern summer house on two levels

Many people often rely on the familiar vacation or retirement homes, especially those who are wealthy and can afford to have more than one residence, that is why today we will show a modern summer house on two levels located on the edge of a lake. The customer decided to contact the company behind the project who was the signing NOTT Design Studio, where architects and managers decided to make adjustments in an old house and achieved a truly stunning transformation, with much larger spaces and added a second level to the construction.

According to the new distribution has been added a long corridor which have become the center of the home where the space dynamically to open: the left and down – to a large adjoining lounge, right – to kitchen, together with the guest bathroom taken from the existing structure, and above: the second floor of a wooden staircase minimalist tempered glass, encased in a metal frame. The second floor is a completely private area where the master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, the children and the rooms are. Particular emphasis in the interior has been done in the maximum use of natural light.

This modern summer house two-level spectrum of colors is based on the balance of the rough surfaces of plaster that looks like concrete and the warm texture of hickory, over white background and black for embedding details. The selection of pieces of furniture have been made according to the customer’s wishes, the furnishings are top quality events in Ukraine and almost all elements of houses as were the furniture board, full kitchen, table, they used the coffee table, beds are made by local craftsmen and handmade.

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