Mysterious windows for halloween

The windows are unique items to alter the facade of a house. Thinking increasingly coming Halloween festivities, some ideas can help create a high visual impact in a very simple way.

Through small crafts creepy visions can be achieved, highlighting the front of the house as one of the most striking of the block if to represent the spirit of Halloween is all about.

Different reasons based on silhouettes symbolically greet all unwary traveler who dares travel on the facade of the home, causing a sudden shock then surely culminate in approving smiles of a job well done.

The forms and motifs are basically drawn in black construction paper or, in the case of wanting to do something even more elaborate and professional adhesive films that are normally used to polarize crystals.

To avoid wasting materials, it is necessary to establish the available windows, the sizes of the same and the reasons selected for fixing the crystals. During the development surely they will emerge new ideas, always depending on the availability of free spaces in the crystals.

The secret to good scenery reflected in the window is to try to maintain natural sizes. For example, if a small crystal, do not try to put a person’s entire body, as it loses all kinds of realism. With placing only the head it is enough to surprise anyone.

As mentioned in other post can apply the technique of painted glass, providing a new way to decorate windows for Halloween. In this case it is an improvised decorative box, so the size ratios are not strict.

Cats, pumpkins, ghosts and a lot of characters can look out the window, pretending to be constantly maintaining a mysterious watch the neighborhood altogether.

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