Oh Shoji Screens, You Are So Stunning!

I’ve got Shoji screens on my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to improve my interior home aesthetic, while also enhancing my privacy (my decade-old blinds just aren’t cutting it anymore). And really, nothing combines privacy and beauty better than Shoji screens (or privacy screens, or Japanese room dividers, or whatever you want to call them).

Privacy screens are quite possibly the best solution to your home privacy and decorative needs. Those people that can only afford a studio apartment can use folding screens as a room divider so that their sleeping area is totally separated from the rest of the room. While this may shorten the actual space available in any given bedroom, it will also keep your sleeping area more private.

Apartments, being cost effective and community-oriented in nature, tend to give you little privacy as it is. Even when you have curtains, there are many times when your neighbors can still look into your bedroom and living room spaces. Installing a cool folding screen in front of the window will make sure that Mr. Nosy Neighbor keeps to his own business.

Privacy screens are often simple in their design, but this certainly doesn’t mean they have to be boring. There exists a multitude of unique and exciting folding screen styles and designs on the market today, whether you look online or in traditional stores.

Take Japanese screen styles as an example. These are also called Shoji screens, and they come in many different styles, both traditional as well as contemporary. For an example, some of the most popular Japanese designs are the window pane style room dividers. They come in different heights, with five to six foot models being some of the most ordered.

Shoji screens are often made from Asian teak or Scandinavian spruce, but they can really be made in any rich and sturdy but lightweight wood. Shoji screens themselves (the actual shade portion) are made from opaque pressed rice pulp reinforced with other natural fibers. This design is sturdy and durable, but just translucent enough to allow diffused light to enter your home interior. Although these folding shades allow for some light to get in, they certainly won’t allow anyone to get a peak from outside. Most have two way lacquered brass hinges, so you can bend the panels any way you choose. No matter how your home interior is designed, you can always find the perfect room dividers for your unique needs.

Shoji screens are available in many different styles. There are room folding screens that resemble Venetian blinds, there are natural woven styles, as well as an abundance of similar products. Some of my favorite Shoji screens depict city scenes that silhouette tall buildings visible from either side of the shade.

One unique offering that I have discovered, as an example, are folding screens that depict two of Paris’ world famous landmarks: the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Both of these are pictures taken during the Winter, at night, and are framed by winter trees. Both of these examples are constructed of kiln dried spruce frames, and completely covered with a poly cotton canvas blend. providing a long lasting beauty.

Shopping online for privacy screens is sure to yield the most elegant and unique results. Shoji screens, Japanese folding screens, and many other room dividers are available, some even under $100, depending on which outlet you find. So get that great privacy screen of your dreams today and make your apartment chic and secure.

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