Remodel Your Bath With Granite

When engaging in bathroom remodeling, one of the most durable materials available for use in renovating this high-traffic room is granite. And in bathrooms where this stone has been used, you can find granite in many other places aside from the vanity countertop. From flooring to mirror frames, from soap dishes to windowsills, granite can be incorporated through the whole room, or used as a striking accent material. So it should be high on the list of possibilities when you are re-doing your bathroom.

Granite is also available in a multitude of colors, which is one of the things that make it so versatile and adaptable to virtually any type of design. A black slab of the stone can add drama to a white bathroom, for example, while granite of browner tones can induce warmth. Vanity tops of grey or blue suggest a cooler, cleaner look. After the bathroom design plan has been drawn up, it should be possible to find granite colors that will mesh perfectly with that master plan.

Two alternatives for the granite will be either custom made or prefabricated counters. The prefab granite vanity tops have been pre-cut to a standard size, and wait only for the holes to be drilled for the sink and plumbing pipes. These will be less expensive vanity countertops, but if the vanity isn’t going to be a standard size, then they will not be usable. Another drawback is that these prefab counters only come in the most popular colors. So if the bathroom remodeling plan indicates colors that are out of the ordinary, or a vanity that’s not the standard size, then the custom made option will work better.

The other main consideration when it comes to these amazing stone countertops is what type of care they need. Granite is durable, and will withstand most everyday use. However, being somewhat porous, even top grade granite will need some kind of sealant each year, and only non-acidic cleaners (i.e. no lemon or lime) should be used.

The suppliers of granite slabs and prefab vanity countertops will have the best advice on what types of granite are available, whether it should be prefab or custom cut, and what sort of sealant and cleaning should be used on the stone. Both the supplier and contractor can ensure that the flooring or granite countertop installation is done properly and the sealant is applied. The homeowner can rely on their help to make certain that the chosen granite pieces will be creatively integrated into their bathroom remodeling plan.

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