Saving Money With A Carpet Washer

If you own a carpet washer do you still need a vacuum cleaner? It’s a good question the answer to which is – yes you do. Whilst they may look quite similar, vacuum cleaners and carpet washers both use different methods of cleaning your carpets.

Vacuum cleaners rely on suction to remove loose dirt and dust from the upper layers of the carpet. The majority of modern cleaners also agitate the carpet fibres using rotating brushes. This is designed to agitate and free the maximum possible amount of dirt so that it can be effectively removed by suction. There are any number of different designs of vacuum cleaner these days, upright and cylinder, bagged, bagless, cordless – even robotic ones, but they all work more or less as described above.

In order to keep your carpet looking good and odour free, you need to vacuum on a regular basis. What you should try to do is to remove as much dust and dirt as you can before it has a chance to get trapped deep in your carpet. However, regardless of how diligent you are, it’s inevitable that some dirt will be ground deep into your carpet and become trapped. That’s when you need to use a carpet washer.

Carpet washers use a mixture of detergent and water to liberate dust and dirt which is trapped deep in the fibres of your carpet. The dirt clings to the detergent which is then removed, along with the water. Many carpet washers make use of pre-treatment sprays for heavily stained areas. The majority of them also use brushes to scrub the carpet in order to better free the trapped dirt.The good news is that you don’t need to – and in fact you shouldn’t – wash your carpet anything like as often as you need to vacuum it. There are a number of different factors which will determine the frequency required – but, for the typical family home, twice yearly should probably be sufficient.

Most carpet washers incorporate a selection of tools so that they can be used for cleaning stairs and also upholstery, curtains – and even car seats. Over and above being useful for cleaning up any accidental spills before they get established and form stains, you’re sure to find plenty a variety of different uses for your carpet washer around your home in between “big cleans”.

So, if you want to keep your carpets in prime condition and to save money by increasing their lifespan, vacuuming alone is not sufficient and neither is using a carpet washer alone. You need a twin pronged approach which makes use of both types of carpet cleaners as described below:

  1. Vacuum clean your carpets twice a week so as to remove loose dirt and dust before it has the opportunity to become established. Heavy traffic areas may need to be cleaned even more frequently.
  2. Use a carpet washer to deep clean your carpet once every six months. It can also be useful for treating any accidental spills – whether on upholstery or carpets – rapidly before they develop into stains.

If it all sounds like too much effort then you can console yourself with the fact that apart from looking good and being odour free, even if you have pets, your carpets will last a lot longer – so you will save a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

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