Scandinavian decor rooms style vintage Nordic

Scandinavian decor rooms style vintage Nordic. Today, this very fashionable Nordic decoration, the ecliptic type and industrial type, all mixed with a vintage style that gains more followers.

Nordic decor reminiscent of the houses of movies with walls and wooden ceilings, parquet floors and especially the use of white to provide as much light as due to their few hours of sun, try to make the maximum white to light greater sense and therefore life.

We can not imagine a nordica house painted inside dark or too bright colors, since the light entering eat and the idea is the opposite, giving greater sense of much light as possible. That said, it should be noted that for some time, it has become into fashion, especially decorative level, small accessories, which can be used in any of these three types of decoration, since in all of them fit perfectly , yes, for different reasons.

In the case of the Nordic decoration, it is implementing the use of objects made of copper. The purpose is merely decorative, but given the brightness of this mineral and its color, is a perfect complement to nordico type decorations, home to perfection with her. From small lamps to containers for centerpieces, magazine racks, lamps, etc.

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