shocking walls for halloween

Often when decorating a space with a cause or default or for any special celebration is usually consider the decorations and accessories to use, downplaying the paint applied on the walls.

In the case of Halloween, there are techniques used to achieve a different and impressive vision, creating surprise and delight visitors.

Obviously, this creates a high cost in the case of performing the setting just for Halloween; since the walls to return to its natural state it is necessary to paint again, with all expenses this means.

One of the main techniques is to work with shadows of characters in different colors. To give homogeneity to space is recommended to create a generalist fund, which can be achieved with trees and plants in a forest or walls of a castle, to provide some examples.

The black walls are a classic, even used by different decorative styles have the advantage of being able to continue to be used once finalized the celebrations. Some have small silver or gold items included, providing a magical and mysterious.

Copied of the highest grossing horror movies, bleeding walls have many followers. The secret to a convincing painted focuses on how to apply the paint.

Obviously with blood red, you need to brush splash with a white wall, so that the effect stand out even more. Pressing in some sectors, with the brush fully loaded to allow the paint to slide through different lines, incredible results are achieved.

Another reason used less frequently but with a particular originality is the one that includes the vertical lines painted in black and white, representing the old clothes of prisoners. In this case it is advisable to add sconces or freehand drawings of details help to reinforce the concept.

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