small modern kitchens – Design and decoration

The small modern kitchens are one of the trends in design and decoration most requested as space in our homes is increasingly reduced, so that the use of islands or American bars has emerged as one of the ideas decocarion interior most used.

In this article we will show you photos, images and ideas for decorating small kitchens for your inspiration and where to apply them in your own home.

The homes are becoming smaller, this is due to land prices when building, so every room in a house, flat or apartment, must conform to dimensions. This means that the small kitchens have become very common today in the building model, but we can always use tricks and ideas to expand the space or get a feeling of spaciousness.

In tackling a remodeling of this space is always essential to know the exact dimensions you have, the location of windows, light spots or areas that wish to furnish. As always, the first recommendation when making kitchen designs is to start from a blank paper and make a correct distribution of the elements, from this point we can begin to apply the following steps.

Distribution of small modern kitchens

We will not make the same distribution in an elongated kitchen in a square. In an elongated kitchen we could include furniture in the two longer walls, getting a type kitchen hallway , while in a square kitchen , the distribution is more flexible and can be a more functional and spacious layout.

We must bear in mind the natural light, one of the fundamental aspects in the  design of modern kitchens .The natural light will give sense of spaciousness, cleanliness and above all will be a great long – term energy savings, so it is one of the points to consider. The  designs kitchenettes always looking to maximize space and obtain comfort despite its small size, hence the importance of proper distribution.

Designs modern kitchenettes

To illustrate this article and as we usually do, in the end we leave you a series of images and pictures of modern kitchenettes designs for your inspiration, but before we will continue with other points to consider.The color of kitchen furniture plays a key role today.

Starting from the available natural light or artificial light points, we can opt for furniture modern kitchens in white  or opt for darker shades. White, is a modern classic, never goes out of fashion, despite the years and well conjugated offers spacious feel.

The  decoration in black and white that also applies to the kitchens and as you can see photographs and images have been imposed in modern kitchens. A clear example would be white tiles, kitchen furniture black and gray granite . Here we could play with tones, finishes and textures, one of the ideas small modern kitchens most used.

The contrast between black and white, as indicated before in a completely timeless modern classic and allows the passage of time, give a review and update spending little money. Color supplements are essential to achieve a part decoration of kitchens perfect and break the monotony of color.

Small decoration modern kitchens

Sometimes, small details that make the difference and theinterior decoration this point is fundamental. As indicated earlier, the supplements are important to break the continuity of colors, but always playing with the same range of tones. It is not unreasonable to use a violet in the kitchen furniture with white and gray granite tiles. This would be a clear example of a dominant color in the kitchen design , so full of character , could be in the range of violet tones.

If this example, we add a few appliances in stainless steel with handles furniture in the same material and tone, not break the continuity of tone and unintentionally, we will have started with the kitchen decor .

small minimalist kitchens

Style minimalist decor is one that can best combine with the design of small modern kitchens . The ‘ “less is more” is revealed in this type of decoration of kitchens , eliminating any superfluous element, we get a cleaner view of space, so this will result in a feeling of spaciousness. The straight, clean, without additives or additional elements lines offer a greater sense of space, just what is sought to design a small modern kitchen.

Kitchen with island and breakfast bar, small but modern

If there is a simple and quick to get a greater feeling of spaciousness way, are the kitchen with island and breakfast bar . Obviously this type of cuisine can be performed on new construction or when it proceeds to reform. If you are in any of these cases, they are one of the best options and will detail them below.

The  modern kitchen with island offer us both, amplitude, storage space and work area. Three strong points to take into account. Being an open kitchen , the island lets us see the rest of the house, in most cases the dining room or living room. The kitchen island offers in its lower part a very usable storage space especially insmall kitchens and as a last point, ample work area.

Obviously not all benefits in the islands of modern kitchens since odors that occur while cooking can spread to the rest of the home, perhaps the point that more should be taken into account. The American kitchens bars offer the same pros and cons that the islands, although better define spaces.

Kitchen furnishing styles, modern, rustic, etc.

The small kitchens are more suitable for modern style of decoration for clean lines and minimalism, always looking to expand visual space and get functionality. But should not be restricted only to this style of decoration, we can always choose to combine styles, not to the eclectic style.

The rustic kitchens also offer charming and although they are aimed at much larger so burdened with some elements spaces, we can find great examples of  modern rustic kitchens that have taken advantage of the space and get functionality respecting this decorating style .

The vintaje decoration or retro is another who can best combine styles with a modern twist. Although itseems contradictory, the combination of old and new has become popular and clear example are theappliances old style in modern kitchens . A counterpoint in styles that combine to perfection and break the monotony of the use of a single style of interior decoration.

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