Spiral staircases at home

Decorate our house is the task of every day, either that we have large spaces or not, the houses of two or more levels are always going to need a ladder, in the case of small houses we can use any of the hundreds of models spiral staircases to maximize space and if we give the task of finding a good design we will make them look more narrow stairs such will always be useful, attractive and functional.

The design of a spiral staircase will depend first space will occupy these generally is much less than a conventional staircase, this type of stairs rotates around a center, they are used for the sequence of steps between levels and the next height levels reach and angles up and down the stairs is what we will determine the number of steps and the rotation angle required between them.

On the Internet we can find many models of spiral staircases, in the case of fontanotshop.com available show a fairly wide veranda from which we can take as a guide or even buy directly from this website, they offer a product manufactured with high quality materials and resistance. Such steps are usually constructed of metal or wood but in other cases can be made of concrete or concrete.

You must take into account that using spiral staircases is not just for those small houses or confined spaces, may also be used in large rooms or even outside our homes, everything will depend on the need to have and the feasibility of its use . Safety is always an important issue is for the area that is, and in the case of such steps can say that they are quite safe, considering that a good design, rigid rails and steps to the right height are us allow to have a spiral staircase that meets the required safety standards.

An important point for this type of stairs is small it can be to place the space, the spiral stairs or spiral having a central axis require more space, but if the shaft angle is changed is possible to optimize the space and only requires 1 square meter to place.

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