Stairs to any space in your home

The stairs also serve as a tool for moving from one floor to another, they are also a part that mark pattern in the architectural design of your home, so keep in mind if you want to reflect a common, discrete space or the opposite want your home into a castle with impressive glamorous stairs.

For every preference, for example the company name out by Enesca offers diversity in their designs and materials, as main offer are the spiral staircases which are characterized by a central mast and consists of steps, rest and railing structure; what make better adaptation to every need.

The collection of spiral staircases is oriented to resolve both the issue of space, as the material that is most convenient. Enesca mentioned again which gives you a variety such as prefabricated metal stairs snail that will be ideal for any space where you want to place, either your home, business or office, and are also folding stairs to his They are divided into Flexa ceiling ladder; ideal for interiors including frame and cover, the Flexa Terrace Automatic frabicada galvanized iron, with wooden lid and drawer to the outside, and the Automatic Flexa which by its modern design want to install it inside.

There is also the Flexa Wood, available in two models, the Flexa Wood is ideal for small and interior spaces as collected by its system of scissors will be very practical and Wood Automatic Flexa having an electro-mechanical mechanism that works at a distance.

In addition, they offer the Tranche, Beta and Telescopic; the first is designed for interior and is manufactured from galvanized steel with a great wooden lid, the Section Terrace is a staircase designed for outdoor which has a thin double handrails, regarding the Beta is quite elegant that has frame and cover to sneak on the roof, and finally Telescopic made of anodized aluminum which makes it very sturdy and functional.

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