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shocking walls for halloween

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Often when decorating a space with a cause or default or for any special celebration is usually consider the decorations and accessories to use, downplaying the paint applied on the walls. In the case of Halloween, there are techniques used to achieve a different and impressive vision, creating surprise and delight visitors. Obviously, this creates

Dark walls for halloween

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This is not any kind of dazzling discovery or a new decorative trend. Rather , it is a no – brainer. Halloween wears dark colors, embodied in the main walls of the property. The black is par excellence, the select to represent the shadows tone, dark and gloomy environments. However, combined with bright colors can

Mysterious windows for halloween

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The windows are unique items to alter the facade of a house. Thinking increasingly coming Halloween festivities, some ideas can help create a high visual impact in a very simple way. Through small crafts creepy visions can be achieved, highlighting the front of the house as one of the most striking of the block if