The Many Faces Of Fountains

Outdoor living is a growing trend that expands the design of interior spaces towards exterior areas. If you usually celebrate your special events inside your home, you may want to try enjoying these momentous occasions at your backyard, patio or garden instead. Adding wall fountains can profoundly establish a panoramic appeal in these areas; however, installing and maintaining water features outdoors could be a troublesome tasks as there is a need to constantly attend to their electrical wiring along with their electric consumption. Before you give up on this idea though, there’s a solution to achieve a better looking outdoor space””the use of solar fountains.

Solar wall fountains have several advantages over other forms of fountains as they operate with the use of solar energy. With the use of these fountains, you could lessen your electricity bills as they do not require any electric wiring and does not necessarily need to operate at night, but may also function through the use of batteries. To simply put it, solar fountains functions through their solar panels, which collects energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. Though they do not store enough energy to keep them functioning during night time, they operate remarkably at daytime.

Solar wall fountains promise the ease of use and management among homeowners. As there are no associated electrical issues upon their use, they require little effort when it comes to set up; homeowners just need to place them in areas where sufficient amount of sunlight is seeping through so that these water features’ solar panels would catch enough energy to convert into electricity.Similarly, even if water leakage takes place, homeowners need not to worry about any electric-related accidents from happening like short circuit that often produces fire. Although the only associated drawback with these water features’ is their inability to perform at night or during rainy seasons, don’t fret though as there are solar fountains that could operate with the use of batteries.

Ease of use and maintenance aside, another advantage of these water features come from their diversity and availability in differing finishes other than the wall mounted ones. Parallel to electric water fountains, solar fountains have a wide range of selection. You can choose from a floor fountain or cascading fountains; there are also birdbath fountains that are appropriate as garden center pieces. Floating solar powered fountains are also popular especially for commercial outdoor spaces as they are truly visually entertaining.

Because solar floor fountain is the most common fountain design incorporated in outdoor spaces today, homeowners could take their pick from different finishes available in the market. Glazed ceramic solar fountains are good choices due to their durability and aesthetics. Terra cotta solar fountains are appropriate for gardens as they have earth tones that complement outdoor surroundings very well. Meanwhile, to mimic the grandiosity of ancient gardens, two tier solar fountains can be placed on front lawns and gardens.

When choosing the right solar fountain design for your outdoor space, always consider the size and concept of your landscape. Larger areas demand for fountains that could cover a wide space such as waterfall fountains that could be appropriately placed at the corners of gardens and backyards, and for smaller spaces floor or wall mounted fountains could do the trick. By taking advantage of the sun’s power, solar fountains are cost effective and energy efficient tools that make outdoor spaces appear more visually interesting. Nonetheless, by using these as alternatives for electric powered fountains, you are doing Mother Nature a little favor.

If you want a water feature that is safe to use, cost efficient, and eco-friendly, solar floor fountain is what you need. Solar fountains operate free from electric charges as they are powered by the sun. The great thing about these fixtures is that they are available in varying finishes and may come as wall fountains or waterfall fountains. With a solar fountain, not only do you save yourself from electric bills, you are also saving earth in the process.

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