The Platform Bed Is Your Home’s New Best Friend

Nothing improves your home like a modern bed. In fact, the undisputed main element of every modern bedroom is of course the bed. It is therefore very crucial that you are able to find the perfect modern bed when redesigning the entire look of your bedroom. In most cases, all the other elements and design aspects that you will be using for redecorating and refurbishing your bedroom will be based around the design and look of your new, modern bed.

The platform bed may seem like a modern design. However, it is actually a revamped version of a more traditional bed form. Characteristic of the platform bed is the absence of either head or foot boards. The clean, simple look of the modern bed works well with most contemporary bedroom designs and allows for the homeowner to experiment with various fabric patterns, designs, colors, and materials. The platform bed is truly a versatile and sensible option for many homeowners.

Japanese platform beds are very popular among contemporary interior designs because they are perfect blank canvasses upon which to begin designing your entire bedroom. Not only do Japanese platform beds open up the space within the bedroom because of their clean lines, but they are also very versatile in appearance limited only by the design and type of fabric or throw pillows you may choose.

For bedrooms that are particularly spacious, queen size platform beds are one attractive option. In fact, if your room is large enough, it would be a pity not to get one! For couples who seek a sleek, clean look for their most private space, queen size platform beds can be ideal. Such a large bed can provided a much needed anchor for a very large room. And because these beds are also often very low in height, their edges can double-function as seating for couples who want to do more in their bedroom than sleep!Couples who are lucky enough to have a large bedrooms may want to do the space justice by also selecting from a wide array of queen size platform beds currently on the market. Despite their minimalist modern look, queen size platform beds can still add luxury and drama to a room because of their sheer size. Their low height however prevents these large beds from becoming too imposing, and can even help couples save space by doubling as seating.

If you are aiming for a contemporary bedroom design, you can’t go wrong with modern beds. Platform beds work well in almost any design situation. Even if the rest of the room has already been put together, the platform bed can still easily be brought in for a seamless fit.

The versatility of platform beds has made them quite popular for homes that are being remodelled and redesigned. Since new designs for beds are a lot more open to different design techniques, they have become favourites among people who regularly make changes in the look of their bedrooms. These new bed designs are great investments for people looking for pieces of furniture that they can keep for decades without getting out of style.

The entire look of your bedroom will usually depend on how your bed will look right in the middle of it. As the bedroom’s centerpiece, it is important to be able to find a modern bed design that works for you. Platform beds are one such type of bed design that is quite popular these days. Japanese platform beds, queen size platform beds, and many other permutations of platform beds can do wonders for the overall look of your bedroom.

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