The Science of a Wall Fountain: Say Goodbye To Dust and Other Allergens

The market is flush with an assortment of stylish wall fountains to lavish on your home. Some are made of slate, stone or marble, while others boast river stone and mosaic tile patterns. Each fountain is specific in its design and all you need to do is select the one that goes well with your home’s design. Wall mounted fountains are also available in different models, including stainless steel, copper, and fiberglass.

A majority of wall fountains have magnificent backgrounds, or designs that appear behind the imitation waterfall, that augment their beauty. These designs are composed of a number of reflective materials such as slate, glass, tiles and quartz, or artificial stones like resin composite and faux slate.

A few wall water fountains feature facsimiles of real artworks. If these kind of fountains don’t appeal to your artistic tastes, you may want to check out some models that have metal etchings, stained glass or mirrors. Whatever type of fountain appeals to you and whichever you decide to purchase, you still get the fountain’s most sought after feature – the soothing effect of gently rushing water.

There are other benefits of having a wall fountain inside a room in your home. Studies point at a fountain’s ability to negate stress and boost the productivity of the people around it. Fountains also aid in clearing the air of harmful bacteria and allergens, giving any indoor space a more relaxing atmosphere.

The bottomline of having a wall fountain is that your home smells, looks and feels great. Fortunately, these fountains are so simple to fix up that you may end up doing it yourself. Just hang it up on a wall of your choice, fill it with water, feed it with power and relax to the soothing rhythm of flowing water.

Fountains require little or no maintenance. Actually, you don’t even have to constantly supply it with water since it keeps reusing water until it dries up. It is recommended, however, that you take it down every other week, empty it of water, and wipe it down with a soft fabric.

We all know how wall fountains can go a long way in beautifying your home. What most of us are unaware of, however, is that wall mounted fountains, particularly the water that flows in them, emit a soothing effect that not only boosts a person’s productivity but also relaxes the mind. Wall water fountains have also been proven to help in cleansing the air of bacteria and allergens.

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