Using Granite Slabs In Home Decor Is A Great Idea

When you are thinking of renovating your bathroom or kitchen, you may not immediately think of using granite slabs. But if you stop and consider, it stands to reason that this material ought to be used more often in home design. Granite patterns and colors are varied and calmly beautiful, and the stone is strong and durable. This is why it’s being used more and more in the home, in recent years, for things like bathroom granite vanity tops and kitchen counters.

While it’s true that granite slabs can often be very expensive, you don’t necessarily have to resign yourself to paying huge amounts of money. Home supply stores may have sections where you’ll find some granite blocks with chips on the surface, or other flaws. Since those flawed areas may not even be visible once the granite is installed in your home, it may mean you are getting a great deal at a significant markdown in price. You may also ask a supplier when they’re changing from old to new inventory, because even top selling countertops granite may sell for less if the supplier needs to make room for new shipments.

Keep your decor or your renovation plans in mind as you look for these less expensive granite blocks and slabs, and you should be able to find some that will work well with your colors and design ideas. What makes this stone such a striking design element, in addition to the vaunted strength and durability, is that granite colors are never exactly the same from slab to slab. Each piece will add unique texture and richness to the look of your decor. This stone is a great addition to many areas of the home, such as with kitchen planning, as amazing sinks, back splashes and countertops are all possibilities that will look awesome with stainless steel appliances.

If the granite slab you choose is in rough form, then of course you’ll need to arrange for it to be sized, surfaced and polished. You’ll also need to exercise great care in getting your purchase home, though often the supplier will arrange for the delivery and installation themselves. If the stone is sealed properly, then cleaning your granite countertop will not be much different from maintaining any other kind of surface. But the manufacturer’s recommendations should always be followed. If chosen and maintained carefully, granite slabs can grace homes for many, many years.

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