What Mistakes Do Home Heating Oil Users Often Make

Heating oil is probably one of the best fuels for heating your home in the winter. It is dependable and affordable, but many people fail to get the most from it. The main mistakes that people tend to make with home heating oil are listed below.

– They neglect the maintenance of their heating oil system. This is a huge mistake because it can mean that small problems can develop into something a lot more serious and expensive. It will not cause you too much hassle to do a regular check on your heating oil system; you really should be carrying out monthly checks on the boiler and tank at least.

– They failed to notice that there consumption had suddenly risen even though they are not using the heating any more than normal. This is a huge warning sign and could mean that you have a leak or even that somebody is stealing your oil.

– They do not fill their heating oil tank up until the winter has arrived and the weather is much colder. This can often mean that they end up paying a lot more as increased demand causes prices to go up. Try and top up your tank before the winter gets underway so that you get the lowest prices. If you need to re-fill your tank during the winter, then be on the lookout for when the prices are lower.

– They have their thermostat set too high and this could mean that more oil than necessary is being used.

– Even when no one is at home, they have the heating switched on. It would be better if you used a timer switch to ensure that the heating comes on before you arrive home than just leaving it on continuously.

These are just some of the mistakes that are commonly made by heating oil users. If you avoid these you should get a lot more from this fuel.

Some people spend a lot of money heating their homes in the winter. Fuel such as electricity and gas show no signs of coming down in price. Many individuals are now changing over to cheaper home heating oil though. Heating oil suppliers are the people tasked with keeping home oil tanks full. Oil suppliers are prevelant throughout the UK, and will supply, for instance heating oil orpington.

Zach Conway pulls the filling hose away from his tanker truck on the lot of the Nebraska – Iowa Supply Company, in Omaha, Neb., Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008. Homeowners already pinched by high food and gas prices are getting anxious about projected record-high home heating bills and many more of them are searching for help from aid programs and backup plans to stay warm this winter. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

FILE – In this Wednesday, March 6, 2013, file photo, delivery truck driver Donald Whitacre, of Gore, Va., returns to his truck after pumping 200-gallons of home heating oil into a customer’s tank during heavy snowfall in Winchester, Va. Chillier weather and slightly higher fuel prices may make the winter of 2013-14, the most expensive one in three years for U.S. residents. (AP Photo/The Winchester Star, Jeff Taylor, File)

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