Why Wood Vanities Are Often Preferred

In buying a bathroom vanity, most people choose wooden ones because it is durable, versatile and can be crafted and designed for a creative look. A wood vanity can look either classy, luxurious or hip when combined with sinks and countertops that are made of copper, glass, ceramic and aluminum. Wood materials can be used in a single bath vanity or double bathroom vanity. And because there are a lot of wooden materials out there, home owners have a wide variety of woods to choose from no matter what their budget is.

Wood is highly versatile and universally appealing, that’s why it’s a popular choice of material for bathroom vanities. It can accommodate a country, traditional, modern and artistic theme – whatever look you want for you bathroom. To pull it off, however, you need to have even a little bit of knowledge about the different wood materials to know how to take care of it. Knowing what beauty woods can bring will also guide you in choosing other materials you can use to accentuate your vanity.

For an old country look, light wooden tones, such as light oak, painted in white appeal to many. This will give your bathroom a warm, homey feel but with a hint of elegance. Traditional styles, like the classic European style, also carry an old world charm to it. It is usually made of dark wood tones, such as mahogany, cherry and hickory, and the countertops are white, made of marble or granite. Hand-crafted and hand-carved traditional wooden vanities have ornately detailed motifs, sometimes painted with floral, to achieve a magnificent antique look.

A modern bathroom vanity aims to bring a sleek, chic and luxurious look in the room. The most common style that fits a wood material is a modern rustic style using dark stained wood with a surface made of a swirl of organic grains and white drop sink. Another style that is popular is a chic vanity made of solid birch. It is painted in dark brown almost black, and a tempered or frosted glass bowl-shaped sink is attached to it. For small rooms, a wooden vanity with a modern twist is a vanity pedestal made of solid oak wood and nickel stainless steel tower bars.

When buying wooden vanities, make sure that you know care required for the material since some wood products can easily be damaged by water. One wood type that is popular for its durability, as well as its warm, earthy look, is the oak wood. The mahogany is the closest alternative to oak but is more expensive. To make sure that the natural oak of your vanity remains pristine and smooth, clean it every month or so and keep it dry.

The use of cherry wood and maple have also increased. Cherry wood is the usual choice for carved cabinets, while maple, particularly redwood, has less tendency to warp and crack. Other wood materials include mahogany, walnut and ebony wood. With strong woods, the vanity’s cabinet frame and legs are made in solid wood, and cabinet panels in high quality veneer wood, the back panel is usually made of medium-density fiberboard for convenient plumbing adjustments.

Wood rot is the most common type of damage incurred to wood furniture and building, and not termites or other pests. That is why it is important to pick a good quality vanity if you do not mean to replace these every few years or so. Make sure that your room is well ventilated so moisture does not collect, and that the wood, especially a wooden countertop, must be wiped dry every time. There are wooden vanity finished with urethane to protect it from moisture. It is best to look for these kinds of vanities.

When people think of an antique bathroom vanity, they automatically think of an antique bath vanity. But woods used to make vanities can be designed and crafted to suit a modern or contemporary theme, as well. It is also used in making either a single sink vanity or a double bathroom vanity. It is critical, however, to buy a vanity made of good quality and durable wood since wood, being a natural material, can get damaged and rot when exposed to unwanted elements such as water.

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