Wicker Patio Furniture: Elegant and Durable, Even in Stormy Weather

Wicker has come a long way from its humble beginnings as simple plant material woven tightly around wooden frames to form either baskets or furniture. Today, the wickerwork pattern can be made using a variety of materials, more commonly plastic fibers, and seen on most present-day outdoor wicker furniture.

All weather wicker furniture is sturdier than other types of outdoor furniture. Most modern-day wicker patio furniture are made with damage-resistant plastic fibers that will not rot or fade, unlike wooden furniture that frequently falls prey to decay and termites, and metallic furniture that rusts with the slightest rainfall. The various styles available also do not pale in comparison to those sported by alternative outdoor furniture.

Wicker patio furniture is easy to clean, an attribute that adds to its longevity. You don’t need heavy duty cleansers for daily maintenance. Just a wet fabric and gentle scouring can rid of dirt and dust. For blotches that just won’t go away with water, try adding a bit of detergent to at least a liter of water and applying the mixture to any smudges. Proper care of wicker furniture will contribute greatly to keeping them fit to service you for a long time.

A major consideration when purchasing wicker patio furniture is the other materials used to craft it. Oh, sure, wicker will always be made of natural plant fibers like rattan and bamboo or artificial materials like plastic, resin or fiberglass, but the frames are most definitely not just wood. The reason for this is to make outdoor furniture more resistant to damage caused by nature. So before you get that wicker furniture set you have been dying to buy, study the conditions of the area where you intend to place it.

Wicker patio furniture has indeed come to the fore of choices for best outdoor home fixtures. The myriad designs available makes sure your tastes are met and their durability gives you more bang for your buck. Just remember the tips we have discussed and any wicker furniture you purchase may outlast even your home.

All weather wicker furniture is the perfect addition to any home patio. It is everything you have ever looked for in outdoor wicker furniture. First, it is durable, able to handle extreme weather conditions. It is also lightweight and does not demand much physical exertion to lift and move. Lastly, it is aesthetically pleasing. These are just some of the traits that make wicker patio furniture the right choice for your outdoor dining and living needs.

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